The pearl of the Indian ocean is surrounded with the most beautiful ocean with booming marine life giving you endless possibilities to experience the amazing underwater life. The sun is out through out the year making it the ideal place for soaking the sun in the coastal areas. Ever wondered how great the food tastes? Well you can always try out the vast variety of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine with all the natural herbal and spices.

Taking a few hours drive from the golden sandy beach will take you to the most amazing hill country surrounded with tea plantation and grass fields with the purest air surrounding the area the breaths fresh life in to you. Uncontaminated by the rapidly growing modern life style it holds its serenity in a majestic manner letting you enjoy the calm and peaceful mother nature all to your selves surrounded with beautiful waterfalls and rivers.

Interested in getting to know more details about the endless possibilities for a memorable time with your loved ones? Talk to us and we will provide you with complete information on the cultural and historically valued places along with all the adventure and quiet time you can have away from your busy life. Let us show you the paradise on earth!

  • Best location to visit throughout the year
  • Comfortable climate being surrounded by the ocean & as an island located closer to equator
  • Full of spots with natural serenity, heritage & fun
  • Best landmass for explorers, trekkers, adventurers, & photographers with vivid topography of island
  • Perfect visiting site for students in all fields such as irrigation, Architecture, engineering, eastern medicine, social sciences, history. etc.